Friendly, professional and discreet private investigation service both on local and national levels.
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For over ten years our Private Detective-s have been successfully finding missing persons, providing accurate and factual background reports and ensuring the privacy and security of both our private and corporate clients. We are a UK based Private Investigation agency who undertake a very wide range of cases for clients based both in the UK and internationally.

We excel at delivering the results our clients need at an affordable price!

We work both for private individuals, the legal profession, corporate clients and, on occasion, as sub contractors to other Private Investigators, Detectives and Agencies.

The scope of services we perform for our clients includes but is not limited to;
Matrimonial Investigations, Finding Missing Persons, Covert Surveillance Services, Tracing Debtors/Individuals, Employee Background Investigations, Full Identity / Background Checks, GPS Vehicle Tracking, De-Bugging, Paper / Document Serving, Fraud / Theft Investigations, Assets / Hidden Asset Location and the investigation of Accident / Fraudulent Insurance Claims.

Experience Counts

We know from our experience that no two investigations are ever exactly alike. We therefore consider each and every case we undertake as unique. We carefully consider and assess the information we have been given and discuss with our clients what we believe will be the best method of investigation in order to deliver a successful resolution to the case, whatever that may be.

Our Private Investigators only utilise the very latest, high quality, digital recording, camera and video surveillance together with desk-based research in order to save our clients time and money. We also often work as sub-contractors for other private detective agencies across the UK and also worldwide.

We can accept payment for our sevices via a wide variety of services including Credit Cards, Bank Transfers and a variety of Online Payment methods including those below.


Contact Our Skilled Private Investigators Today

Please contact us if you think we can help, there is never any obligation to proceed further, and we are always happy to discuss any enquiry or investigation.

Our Services

Mobile Phone and Data Forensics

Mobile Phone and Data Forensics

The Mobile Phone Forensics service involves our investigators tracing and locating lost, hidden and deleted information from…